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Sunday School
All Sunday schools are in person.  Adults Sunday school also available on Google Meet.  Please contact Kyle Newberry for meeting information


Children – 10:00 AM
In Children Sunday school, we go through a short lesson, worship together, and learn how to memorize God’s word and applies it to yours and your child’s life today!


Youth – 10:15 AM
Have you ever wondered where can God be in the midst of evil times and rulers? The Book of Judges is such a story. Written after the greatest generation in Israel had come and conquered the promised land, their faith does not carry on to their children. The Book of Judges shows us what it looks like when people refuse to worship God on his terms and when we put ourselves in God's place. We meet in the youth room at 10:15 am on Sunday Mornings. 


Adults  – 10:15 AM
We are on a verse by verse study of 1 & 2 Timothy.  Join us for an informal conversation on apostle Paul’s instructions on leading a church to growth.

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